Best Android apps for maintaining your beauty

Best Android apps for maintaining your beauty

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With the introduction of smartphones era, everything that we do completely relies on our smartphones. Despite the fact you need to make online transactions, finding dates, reading books, sending emails and text messages, online shopping and you keep ticking and there are numerous apps.

Even now, we don’t use our mirrors – our smart phone cameras are enough for taking photos and checking our hair look.

You can also make use of your android phone for enhancing your beauty. You can use numerous apps for selecting the right shade for your skin, hairs and nails.

Start doing new techniques to enhance your beauty. We have made a small list of beauty makeup apps for Android and iOS that you can download right now.


ModiFace is one of the most popular beauty and makeup apps for both Android and iPhone, you can also use this app on Windows phone.

You can try out different looks and hair styles to check that which color suits you the most.

ModiFace is an app that takes your makeup technique to the next level with some of the state of the art cosmetic shades, and makeup simulations – makeover effects is another cool feature.

There are thousands of cosmetic colors that you can use within seconds. You can try 40 different celebrity styles as well; you can also buy earrings, sunglasses and jewels and much more.

Over all, this app is like a virtual makeup artist in your pocket. Watch this video below to learn how to use Modiface makeover.


Youcam makeup is another top notch makeup app for enhancing your beauty and having great hairstyle in a studio with lipstick, blush, eye makeup and much more.

You can easily make makeup looks, change hair color instantly and hairstyles. You can also do makeover of your real-time or on your photos.


Mary Kay Mobile virtual makeover app allows you to customize your face expression and endless combinations of eye makeup; hairstyles and colors are also present.

Pick up a photo from your library, take a picture from your mobile device or take a sample image from variety of models.

You can save your makeover directly from your photo album and create a shopping list of your favorite products that you can buy later from the whole book.

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